Have you been in an accident or hurt on the job? You may have a negligence case against your employer or a third party.

Industrial Accident

In today’s economy a good steady job is essential. But it is even more important to feel safe at your job. Poor safety measures at a construction/industrial work site cause serious injuries. Industrial accident and injuries account for over 1,000 deaths every year due to serious safety concerns on the work site.

Every day, numerous industrial, manufacturing, and refinery workers are killed or seriously injured due to the negligent conduct of their employer, co-worker, or a negligent third party or company. If you have suffered an injury in a construction site accident, contact Brown & Musslewhite to protect your rights. Brown & Musslewhite has experience in handling many industrial accident and injury claims involving:

  • Crane accidents and collapses
  • Scaffolding collapse accidents
  • Defective machinery and equipment
  • Excavation accidents
  • Explosions and fires
  • OSHA Violations
  • Maintenance failures
  • Falls from ladders or scaffolds
  • Crushing injury due to improperly secured objects or equipment
  • Forklift and heaving equipment failure
  • Railroad worker ( FELA) accidents

If you were injured at work by faulty, unsafe, defective equipment or if a loved one died because of industrial equipment that failed to operate safely and properly, we here at the office of Brown & Musslewhite can evaluate the facts and discuss your options. We believe that you the injured worker have the right to pursue all available legal remedies for compensation when you have been inured due to someone else’s negligence. We have experience representing injured workers and their families when they have suffered a loss due to an industrial accident. When experience counts, you need Brown & Musslewhite.

Although you may be covered by your employer’s workers compensation insurance, this may not be enough to cover the costs of your medical treatment, lost wages and physical pain today and in to the future. With a serious injury, you will have additional claims beyond those covered by your workers’ compensation benefits. It is important to consult experienced attorneys like Lori Brown and Jeff Musslewhite, who will thoroughly investigate your construction accident claim to discover every potential source of compensation.